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Lambert Shield
Red with a chevron between three silver lambs

Lambert motto
"Ut Quo Conque Paratus"
(Roughly translated means: Those who cooperate are prepared)

Lambert Crest
A half lamb holding a shield

Three versions of the Lambert family crest

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The Charles Lambert Legacy begins with John Lupton 
and his common law wife, Elizabeth Lambert:

1.  John Lupton  B: 20 April 1718, Kirkdeighton, England
            Elizabeth Lambert  B: 21 June 1736  
            John and Elizabeth, who were second cousins, fell in love and made plans to marry.  However, English law of the time forbade marriage between relatives.  The couple petitioned for an exception, but were turned down.  They decided to live together as though they were married.  As a result, the Church of England considered them outcasts and non-Christians, never recognizing their marriage.  The children took on their mother's maiden name and their posterity followed suit.  Thus, our family name today is Lambert instead of Lupton.  (click on Elizabeth Lambert above to read a more complete account of their story.)

The Luptons and the Lamberts attended All Saints Church in Kirk Deighton
(the church steeple is just visible at the end of the street)

 2.  Charles Lambert (1)  B: 11 December 1765, Kirkdeighton, England - 3rd of 9 children by John Lupton and Elizabeth Lambert
             Mary Mann  B: 2 February 1765  M: 14 September 1789
 3.  Charles Lambert (2)  B: 17 July 1791, Kirkdeighton, England - 2nd of 5 sons    
             Sarah Greaves  B: 17 March 1790  M: 12 August 1813

The Lambert home in England

 4.  Charles Lambert (3)  B:  30 August 1816, Lirl Deithton, England - 2nd of 4 sons 
            Mary Alice Cannon  B:  09 December 1828  M: 28 November 1844
            Plural Marriages:
            Euphemia Martha Gilhespy  B: 29 May 1850    M: 19 May 1873 
            Caroline Medley  B: About 1820   M:  
            Elizabeth Wilson   B:  About 1820    M:

Journals of Charles and Mary Alice Cannon Lambert (more will be made available in the future)

Charles (3)

Master stone mason, temple builder (Nauvoo).
Charles bought the stone with his own meager funds, carved the
"capital" (sunstone) on his own time and donated it to the temple project.
  It was placed on the South East or "Joseph's Corner".
It is to the far right in this photo.  (click here to read the account)

 5.  Charles John Lambert  B:  05 November 1845, Nauvoo, Illinois - 1st of 14 children
            (Lilly) Harriet Almira Druce  B:  20 March 1848    M:  26 October 1867
            Plural Marriage:
            Mary Lavica Hovey  B:  22 July 1859  M:  28 November 1878

Charles John Lambert family at their home on 3100 South, Granger, Utah
(Lilly, his first wife, is seated to his right and "Aunt Mary", his second wife, is to his left.  This photo was taken near the turn of the century.  The federal Edmund-Tucker Act of 1887 had outlawed polygamy.  Even though the LDS Church discontinued the practice of plural marriage after 1887, some LDS families continued in polygamy, or "celestial marriage" for a time.)

Charles Druce (in a coat and tie, fourth from the left in the back row) was the only surviving son.  His brother, Joseph (17 years his junior), was killed during the First World War and another brother was stillborn.

 6.  Charles Druce Lambert  B:  16 May 1875, Salt Lake City, Utah - 4th of 10 children
             Margaret (Margarett) (Maggie) Woodbury  B:  31 July 1887  M:  21 September 1916
             Charlotte (Lottie) Hurley  B:     M:  
             After Margaret died from complications during childbirth, Charles married Lottie, whom he
 had courted for several years prior to his marriage to Maggie.  

Memories of Margaret Woodbury and Charles D Lambert by Lurena Eldredge Warnick, daughter of Julia Lambert Eldredge, one of Charles John Lambert's sisters.  She describes her visits to the Charles John home and her memories of Charles Druce and his first wife, Margaret Woodbury Lambert.

Margaret Woodbury's paternal grandmother was Ann Cannon Woodbury, sister to George Q Cannon and Mary Alice Cannon Lambert.  Ann Cannon was one of the pioneers to enter the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  In the famous Jubilee photo taken in 1897 on Temple Square of the 1847 pioneers, Ann is number 175.  View the unnumbered photo.  Notice that the 1847 pioneers are wearing gold tiffany pins with their names engraved on the back.  
Click here
to view some artifacts from the Jubilee celebration.  Click "last" to view the Gold tiffany pins.

Leola, Charles Druce and Lottie

Lottie, Paul and Charles Druce

7.  Paul W. Lambert 

Paul and Barbara in uniform on their wedding day in 1944
(Paul: Navy; Barbara: Marine Corps)

Read some of Paul and Barbara's stories about their World War II experiences.

Rather than attempt to replicate all of the information written and/or compiled by others, I submit the following links that may be of interest to anyone connected with the Lambert family.

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