Lambert Family Photo Archive
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1. Charles Lambert (3) (photo sent to nephew David Lambert from England) 
2. Mary Alice Cannon Lambert (photo sent to nephew)
3. Charles and Mary Alice home, 400 South 200 West, SLC  (daughters Sarah and Mary Alice)
4. Charles John family
5. Charles John family at 3100 South, Granger ("Aunt Mary", Charles' second wife, seated to his left)



6. Charles Druce family and friends
7. Charles Druce before his mission to Australia and Tasmania
8. Charles Druce home on 3400 West, Granger
9. Margaret Lambert feeding the chickens

10. Paul, Margaret and Mae feeding a lamb
11. Charles Druce, Lottie and 3 of 4 children
12. Paul and three sisters
13. Charles Druce, Lottie and grown children
14. Charles Druce, Lottie with children and spouses


15. Charles Druce, Leola and Lottie
16. Paul and Barbara at Camp LaJeune just before marriage
17. Paul and Barbara wedding day (She in Marine uniform, he in Navy uniform)
18. Paul and Barbara and their first four children
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